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mysterious adj
1 of an obscure nature; "the new insurance policy is written without cryptic or mysterious terms"; "a deep dark secret"; "the inscrutible workings of Providence"; "in its mysterious past it encompasses all the dim origins of life"- Rachel Carson; "rituals totally mystifying to visitors from other lands" [syn: cryptic, cryptical, deep, inscrutable, mystifying]
2 having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding; "mysterious symbols"; "the mystical style of Blake"; "occult lore"; "the secret learning of the ancients" [syn: mystic, mystical, occult, secret, orphic]

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  • IPA: /mɪstiəɹiəs/
  • SAMPA: /mIsti@ri@s/


  1. of unknown origin
  2. has unknown qualities

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"Mysterious" is Jentina's third and final single from her self-titled album Jentina, released only in Italy. Plans were made for a UK release, but eventually cancelled.
A music video was made for this single, with a futuristic theme. The video was mostly computerized with Jentina singing in many different locations, and appearing in many different magazines.


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  4. Mysterious [Return to The Stone Age Mix]

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able, abstruse, ambiguous, amphibological, amphibolous, anagogic, arcane, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing, baffling, beclouded, bewildering, bizarre, blind, bothering, buried, cabalic, cabalistic, censored, classified, close, closed, clouded, concealed, confounding, confusing, covered, covert, cryptic, curious, dark, discomposing, disconcerting, dismaying, distracting, disturbing, eclipsed, eerie, embarrassing, enigmatic, enwrapped in mystery, equivocal, equivocatory, esoteric, extramundane, extraterrestrial, fey, furtive, hermetic, hid, hidden, hush-hush, hypernormal, hyperphysical, impenetrable, in a cloud, in a fog, in eclipse, in purdah, in the wings, incalculable, incognizable, incommunicado, incomprehensible, indefinable, inexplicable, inextricable, inscrutable, insoluble, insolvable, intricate, ironic, latent, metaphysic, multivocal, mystic, mystical, mystifying, numinous, obfuscated, obscure, obscured, occult, otherworldly, perplexing, perturbing, polysemantic, polysemous, preterhuman, preternatural, preternormal, pretersensual, problematic, psychic, puzzling, recondite, restricted, sealed, secluded, secluse, secret, sequestered, smothered, spiritual, stifled, strange, superhuman, supernatural, supernormal, superphysical, supersensible, supersensual, suppressed, supramundane, supranatural, theosophical, theosophist, top secret, transcendental, transmundane, ulterior, unaccountable, unapparent, unapprehended, unascertained, unbeknown, unbreatheable, uncanny, uncertain, uncharted, unclassified, unclear, undefinable, under an eclipse, under cover, under house arrest, under security, under wraps, underground, undisclosable, undisclosed, undiscoverable, undiscovered, undivulgable, undivulged, unearthly, unexplainable, unexplained, unexplored, unexposed, unfamiliar, unfathomable, unfathomed, ungraspable, unguessed, unheard, unheard-of, unhuman, unidentified, unintelligible, uninterpretable, uninvestigated, unknowable, unknown, unperceived, unplumbed, unrevealable, unrevealed, unsolvable, unspoken, unsuspected, untellable, untold, untouched, unutterable, unuttered, unwhisperable, unworldly, upsetting, virgin, weird, wrapped in clouds
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